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Medical Billing

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What is Medical Billing?

Medical billing is the process of translating medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatments into standardized codes and submitting claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. It involves verifying patient information, coding services, preparing and submitting claims, and following up on payments. Accurate medical billing ensures healthcare providers receive proper compensation for their services.

The Power of Medical Billing

Learning medical billing opens doors to a promising career in the healthcare industry, offering stability, growth opportunities, and the chance to contribute to quality patient care. Gain valuable skills, in-demand expertise, and embark on a rewarding journey with endless possibilities.

Who Is Coaching For?

Our coaching is designed for individuals who aspire to enter or advance in the medical billing field. Whether you are a fresh graduate, career changer, or healthcare professional seeking to expand your skill set, our training program caters to your specific needs, providing comprehensive guidance and support to propel your career in medical billing.

What is The Process Like?

The process of our medical billing training involves a structured curriculum designed to cover key concepts and skills. Participants will engage in interactive learning activities, including lectures, hands-on exercises, case studies, and practical simulations. They will gain knowledge in areas such as coding, claim processing, reimbursement procedures, compliance regulations, and software usage. Throughout the training, participants will receive guidance and support from experienced instructors to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

1. Insurance Verification & Eligibility

Ensure smooth healthcare reimbursement by mastering insurance verification and eligibility with our specialized training program.

2. Charge Entry

Master charge entry with our comprehensive training, covering essential details to accurately input and manage medical billing charges.

3. Payment Posting

Learn efficient payment posting techniques to accurately record and reconcile healthcare payments, ensuring financial accuracy and streamlined revenue management.

4. Denial Follow up

Enhance revenue recovery by mastering denial follow-up strategies, effectively resolving claim denials and optimizing reimbursement for healthcare providers.

5. Account Receivable

Maximize revenue and streamline accounts receivable processes through our comprehensive training on effective AR management strategies.

Coaching Packages


Medical Billing 60-Day Mastery

Master medical billing in just 60 days with our comprehensive coaching program. Gain expertise in coding, claim processing, and reimbursement at an affordable price, paving the way for a successful career in the healthcare industry.

More Details

The Medical Billing 60-Day Mastery course is designed to provide comprehensive training in medical billing, equipping participants with the necessary skills for a successful career in this field. The course covers essential topics such as coding, insurance claim processing, and revenue cycle management.

In addition to the technical aspects, the course also includes a dedicated communication class to help participants effectively handle interview questions and enhance their professional communication skills. Regular assessments are conducted to gauge progress and ensure a solid understanding of the material.

To ensure personalized attention, the course offers one-on-one sessions with experienced instructors, allowing participants to clarify doubts, seek guidance, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

With a strong emphasis on affordability, the course is available at an affordable price of 10,000 rupees, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking to enter the medical billing field. The Medical Billing 60-Day Mastery course provides a comprehensive and affordable opportunity for individuals to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in medical billing.



Accelerated Medical Billing & Skills: Master Typing, Excel, and Spoken English in 60 Days!

Comprehensive Medical Billing Training: Master Typing, Excel, and Spoken English in just 60 days. Affordable and all-inclusive program to launch your successful career in the healthcare industry with confidence and expertise.



More Details

Accelerated Medical Billing & Skills is an intensive 60-day program designed to equip participants with a comprehensive skill set required for a successful career in medical billing. This unique course goes beyond medical billing training and incorporates additional essential skills.

Participants will receive in-depth training in medical billing, covering topics such as coding, insurance claim processing, and revenue cycle management. Additionally, the program includes focused sessions to enhance typing skills, Excel proficiency, and spoken English communication.

Regular assessments will be conducted to track progress and ensure a strong grasp of the material. The course also places a strong emphasis on interview preparation, providing participants with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in job interviews.

All of these valuable components are offered at an affordable price of 15,000 rupees, making the program accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking to enter the medical billing field. Accelerated Medical Billing & Skills is your all-in-one solution to master medical billing, typing, Excel, spoken English, and interview skills in just 60 days, paving the way for a successful career in the healthcare industry.



Charting Your Path to Success: Exploring the Benefits and Opportunities in Medical Billing

Join our free webinar and unlock the potential of a career in medical billing. Discover why this field offers excellent opportunities for growth and learn about the valuable benefits it can bring to your professional journey. Connect with us to gain insights and make an informed decision about your career path.

More Details

Exploring the Benefits and Opportunities in Medical Billing” is a free webinar designed for individuals who are considering a career in the medical billing field. This engaging webinar aims to provide valuable insights into the importance of medical billing and the opportunities it presents.

During the webinar, participants will gain a clear understanding of the crucial role medical billing plays in the healthcare industry. They will learn about the significance of accurate coding, insurance claim processing, and revenue cycle management for healthcare providers. Real-life case studies and success stories will be shared to showcase the potential growth and career advancement opportunities in this field.

Furthermore, the webinar will explain why joining a comprehensive medical billing course is essential for aspiring professionals. Participants will discover how such a course equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in medical billing roles, increasing their employability and opening doors to diverse job prospects.

Don’t miss this free webinar that will guide you toward a rewarding career in medical billing by highlighting its significance and the advantages of joining a specialized course.


About Me

My name is Saravanan Jayagopal, and I have over 15 years of extensive experience in the medical billing field. Throughout my career, I have gained a profound understanding of charges, payments, denial follow-up, and the entire accounts receivable process.

Recently, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing a successful small medical billing company alongside my partners. As we continue to thrive, I am passionate about sharing my expertise and knowledge through medical billing training programs.

My aim is to provide comprehensive and affordable medical billing training to individuals aspiring to build a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s offline or online, I offer training options that cater to different learning preferences.

Moreover, I go the extra mile by assisting my trainees in securing placements in reputable companies based on their performance and motivation. I have a track record of achieving successful placements for approximately 80% of my course participants by equipping them with all the necessary skills, including typing proficiency, communication skills for interviews, and Excel proficiency for report management.

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey and embark on a new career path in the healthcare industry. Together, we can achieve your professional goals and pave the way for a successful future.



Coaching was found effective in understanding the core concepts of medical billing and payment posting. Commuication and presentation was found good.queries during the session are addresed without any delays. Concepts are explainrd with the examples.


Thanks to the medical billing coaching, I feel confident and well-prepared to pursue a career in this field, and the practical training has been invaluable in building real-world skills.


I am truly impressed by the expertise of the instructors in the medical billing coaching; they made complex concepts easy to grasp and fostered a supportive learning environment.


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